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Jumper to Skirt Re-fashion



The joys of working in a charity shop. I found this men's jumper for 99p and decided to re-fashion it into a winter skirt. Let's face it we need something warm and cosy for all this terrible weather.



I chopped the neck and arms and I was left with this.

<a href="http://www how to quickly lose”>jumper2


I folded it over enough to cover the elastic that was to go in.



Then I sewed it (I had lots of trouble with my sewing machine it's obviously still huffing that it's been under the stairs gathering dust for ages)



The voila a cosy jumper skirt and it goes well with my lovely new hush puppies boots. A really easy first go if you are attempting re-fashioning for the first time like me.


Next I am attempted a dress, will post if it all goes well.




Lisa x


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