Brains and Mother in Laws

Well hello!

So the last few months, basically since March haven’t been the happiest time for my family, which will explain my absence from all things blog related.

It was 6th March when our lives changed in a second, My wonderful husband had a brain tumor. We knew that there was a growth there but, no one up to that point had mentioned the word tumor. Nobody knew really what it was, previous doctors had said it looked like a birthmark others saying it may have been there from birth. The neurologist had us convinced that it hadn’t changed, So when the neurosurgeon said it had and called it a tumor I think we both felt sick.

The waiting for a surgery date was the worst, My anxiety was at an all time high, I was consumed with all things tumor related, all I could think about was.. He is going to have another seizure? Is the tumor turning into a bad one and he’s going to drop down dead any minute? If something bad does happen how will me and Soph cope financially? (that last one made me feel selfish) I did nothing but cry for the week after the hospital visit, some in front of Mr T some in private.  I knew I had to be strong for him and we both had to stay positive. It was hard every-time I looked at him all I thought about was the tumor, people wanted to talk about it which was OK for the first week but I suppose after that I didn’t want to talk about it as much if that makes sense, I already thought about it enough that when I met friends or family I wanted to talk about something else, again probably a bit selfish of me.

We found out after more in-depth MRI’s that the tumor was in the area that dealt with speech and language, so Mr T had a speech therapist present throughout the operation.

After what felt like a year of waiting (it was only 4 months) the 22nd June came around.  I could tell Mr T was a nervous wreck, so was I, we both waited patiently at home for a bed to become available on the ward, we got the call at 4pm and told to be in that evening. Meanwhile my mother in-law had arrived to help out with Soph as we wanted her to go to school as normal for the week.  I came back to see him on the ward before he went down to the theater I don’t think either of us knew what to say, he was a bag of nerves, I would be too it I had to have brain surgery and he had to do it while awake.

Monday 23rd of June was the longest most horrible day of my entire life, minutes felt like hours, I held up pretty well until he wasn’t back on the ward when we thought he would be, I then began to fall apart thinking all sorts when they said he was still in surgery, did something go wrong? had he had a stoke of even worse?  the nurses had to get me a chair, something about the love of your life being in surgery does make one feel a bit faint. My mother in law drove us to my mum’s which was close enough to the hospital if we needed to rush back. At 3.40pm I got the best call of my life, Mr T was out of surgery and it had all gone well.

I spent most of the week with him at hospital and I really couldn’t have done it with out the help my Mother in Law Grainne, I know people complain about their MIL but mine is brilliant!  By Friday evening he was ready to come home which I have to say concerned me a little with the little seizures he was having.  A week later we got the pathology results and its as good as it could have been, it was what they thought a low-grade Giloma, they got 80 to 90% of it out (when they went into the bit that was left he stopped talking) so they will be keeping an eye on it.

I am glad to say everything is going well and Mr T is back home with me and Soph apart from a really bad case of man flu at the minute.


Now I’m off to write a bit of my novel before dinner.


Lisa x




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