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Walkers asked if we would review some of their crisps, a new range named “Mighty Lights” we agreed so they sent three different flavours to sample, all claiming to be 30% less fat and suitable for vegetarians.

crispsNow, how does one review a crisp? Well if you break it up in to required qualities you end up with basically taste, smell and texture… so let’s have a look at that first…


The three flavours we had were cheese and onion, roast chicken and lightly salted. Now you’re unlikely to get a crisp that doesn’t at least resemble the flavour it claims to be on the packet, and these were no exception! The flavour does taste natural and they aren’t too overpowering, all in I’d say they do well on the taste front.


There’s nothing like sitting in on a weeknight and wafting fumes from various bags of crisps. The smell like the taste is quite natural and not over powering.


The crisps are quite light and not as dense as you might expect before you bite in to one.

So with the basics out of the way I decided that a few other tests were in order to really get the most out of the review. I did attempt to perform the following experiments with a control crisp like any good scientist should, but I didn’t have any at the time, I was going to use a pretzel but that would have been pointless.

The floating test

As these are lighter crisps, they will surely float ?!


Cheese and onion – FLOATS!
Roast Chicken – FLOATS!
Lightly Salted – FLOATS!

As expected, all crisps floated!

The dog test

Zane (Our dog) was given a crisp of each flavour which we presented to him on the floor in front of where he sat. When released he devoured all three, proving that … well not much, BUT he did sniff the chicken flavour first, REJECTED it and moved on to the cheese and onion before returning for the chicken.


Cheese and onion – First
Roast Chicken – Second
Lightly Salted – Third

Notice the drool on the floor beside his foot? I think Zane approves of them.

The stress test

Everyone knows that structural integrity is somewhat important to a crisp, what better way to test this integrity than by balancing two pence coins on a crisp until it shatters.

stress1 stress2

Cheese and onion – 16p
Roast Chicken – 16p
Lightly Salted – 22p!

The electric circuit test

Crisps do not appear to conduct electricity very well, I did attempt to run current through one but just gave up. I suppose I should stick in a disclaimer, don’t try this at home! I do science me…

Time to Melt in the mouth

The plan was to hold a crisp in the mouth until that crisp melted, sounds easy right? well every attempt failed, the urge to actually eat the crisp won each time.

Wrapping Up

Well at this stage I was getting bored of scientifically reviewing the crisps so I decided to read the packet with the intention of identifying the ingredients to see what lurked within. Surprisingly the ingredients list was small, none of which had complex names or chemical codes for me to investigate. That can only be a good thing!

So I had a look at the claims of 30% less fat. I went to a number of nutritional information websites looking for other examples of fat content in crisps and compared to regular crisps they did seem to have a lower fat content to justify the claims.


I’d say most people like a sneaky bag of crisps from time to time and in my opinion these would make a good option. I’d never say a crisp was the healthy option but with a lower fat content and a light taste you can’t go far wrong :-)

We didn’t get any photos of Sophie eating them they were gone too quickly, she had the cheese and onion and really enjoyed them.

If you would like to check out Walkers mighty lights for yourself  or for more information you can visit their website here

Mr T

*Disclaimer, we were sent 3 multi packs for us to review, however as usual all opinions are my own*

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  1. Becca
    September 1, 2013 at 10:59 am (2 years ago)

    Hahahaha, this is the coolest review, ever! Walkers would be so proud, loving Zane’s input!


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