Is technology ruining my relationships?


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I’m sitting here writing this watching Mumford & Son’s live at Glastonbury, thinking if Mr T had of taken that overtime I could actually be there and not watching from the sofa. I waited all weekend on this I really could listen to Marcus Mumford all day.

We’ve been in our “holiday home” since Friday, now when I come down here my phone signal is pretty non-existent, I wouldn’t complain but I get one bar and that’s only if I walk half a mile to get one bar! Or walk a Mile to my Mils and use her Internet. We did have Internet sorted but it stopped working yesterday! I’ve been Internet free for nearly 24 hours.

I’ve been quite irritable today, we went to the pub earlier for a drink and I actually talked to Mr T, I commented how nice it was and he said it’s because you haven’t got you phone with you.

So am I addicted to technology and is it ruining my relationships?

I am always attached to my IPhone, IPad or MacBook, I have an inability to leave the house without my phone at least, and therefore I find myself checking Facebook, twitter and email constantly. I realised that recently I’ve been paying more attention to technology than real life. When I should be giving someone my full attention and connecting with them I’m not as i am constantly checking my phone, Its very rarely out of arms reach.

I really do think its affecting my relationships especially my one with Mr T,  I spend nights farting around the internet not actually doing anything productive.  I said that its like living with a friend lately and I can’t help but think its not because we’ve been together forever and we dont make as much of an effort its Social media and me (although having no one to babysit doesn’t help with the romance side of things)

I been moaning lately about the fact I don’t get time to write and its because I get distracted by everything else. I think I’d be a better writer If i could just block out everything  TV included. Social media is the death of writers someone once said and to a certain extent its true.

So I am setting some boundaries for myself :

  • Turn my phone off when I go to bed as the first thing I do when I wake up is check facebook, instagram and email. 
  • Have at least 2 nights a week without going online.
  • When I am visting someone leave my phone in my bag unless its a phone call and needs to be answered.
  •  Wait until I’ve done my housework etc before going online.
  • Spend quality time with Sophie and Mr T without having my phone within arms reach.
  • Use my time online for what I need to do and focus solely on that.
  • Stop feeling like I am missing something just because I am not online all the time

Here are some points that may indicate that you are addicted to technology or have Nomophobia (fear of being out of mobile phone contact)

  • You spend more time with the computer than people
  • You tell yourself that you’ll only spend an hour on the interent before doing x,y,z then end up still being there 4 hours later. 
  • Inability to leave home without your phone
  • Unable to relax without constantly checking email
  • Feeling unable to live without the internet for even a few hours
  • You lie about the time you spend online.
  • You have ringxiety, when you think you hear your phone ringing or vibrating when really its not.
  • You distressed, anxious, or painfully isolated when separated from technology, you may be suffering from withdrawal.


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  1. Sarah
    July 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm (3 years ago)

    Totally agree with this, am trying to break my habit of looking at my phone pointlessly instead of getting on with other things, I’ve found leaving it upstairs during the evenings helps, just need to stop my iPad addiction now!


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