Hello and Welcome

Hi, I’m Lisa A writer, Multi-award nominated blogger, wife, mother, Pen for hire, Social media consultant. Come in and have a look around.

Brains and Mother in Laws

Well hello! So the last few months, basically since March haven’t been the happiest time for my family, which will explain my absence from all things blog related. It was 6th March when our lives changed in a second, My wonderful husband had a brain tumor. We knew that there was a growth there but, no one up to that… Read more →

Writer Moi? (Maven Sessions)

I started writing this ages ago and only getting around to finishing it now oops…. I had always felt that there was a book in me, but my  self-confidence always stood in my way. I was too nervous to go to any creative writing class even though It was something I really wanted to do. There is this amazing Interiors… Read more →

Messing with my mind

Hello, Its me! the one who owns this blog and who never seems to blog any-more. I’ll still here just been procrastinating (I’m only on here to get away from the mound of housework and to check that my blog isn’t  in fact a figment of my imagination its been so long) I’m sitting here as I do every Friday… Read more →

The madness of it all…..

This year I wasn't going to bother asking anyone to nominate me for the mads for a few reasons. 1. I haven't exactly been writing a lot ok virtually nothing the last few months 2. I really hate asking people to nominate me for things 3. I really don't feel I deserve/am good enough to be nominated for anything (that'll… Read more →